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Background Removal Service | Replace Photo Background from Image

Basic background removal services

This technique is used for simple objects. It’s an elementary category in which products don’t contain any holes. You can use a basic background removal to detach simple objects like a simple ring, ball, and mog from the background. The price Start From – $0.39/image

Easy background removal services

The easy background removal is affordable and time-saving. The difference between a simple and basic background removal is holes. You can use this service for objects like wheels, chattels, shopping bags, t-shirts, etc. The price Start From – $0.50/image

Medium background removal services

Pictures with some edges and cures need a medium background removal. Images of shoes, a bunch of different products, flowers, watches, and engine parts are suitable for this type of clipping. The Price Start From – $0.75/image


Multiple background removal services

The main noticeable thing about multiple background removal is that it can cut out more than one object from one image. It includes multiple layers of the path. The Multiple background removal methods also allow outlining of the patterns and edges. The Price Start From – $0.99

Complex Background Removal

Images with extra curves and edges need a complex background removal services. Generally, products having many holes and many closed paths fall under the category of complex Images like a fishing net, designer jewelry, stones with shiny edges, etc. The Price Start From – $2/image


Super Complex Background Removal

Super complex background removal service used for images with super complex and fury edges and curves. It is quite costly and time-consuming because it needs a lot of work. Images like jewelry with a lot of design, furry animals, fury products, human models, etc. The Price Start From – $5/image

Our Background Removal Service

Clipping path is one of the most prominent online based company for image background removal service. Clipping path is the place where we make your images more elegant compared to your captured images. After finishing our job you will find your images so fascinating that are beyond your thinking. We hope that your mind will soar seeing your images how magnificent they are! And then you can make the best use of your images anywhere you want without any stress. We ensure you fast and outstanding image background removal service beyond compare to any other online based clipping path services, image masking service available.

Remove Your Image Background

Things we try to do with our photography are – preserving history, beauty of nature, saving memories with our friends and families, for professional work, facilitating communication and so many. So now think about the importance of your images and we will make those beautiful by removing unwanted background, objects and also by background removal service /inserting perfect background. So that you can make use of your pictures perfectly in any way you like. A perfect image draws the attention of clients, it describes all the information to the people in a short time when they first see, sometimes which is not possible by hundreds of word. For example, let you do have a software or mobile phone company, also may have jewelry, shoe, cloth, soft drink, fast food or another business but whatever it is you should use brand logo for your product or services you provide. People will recognize your company or products in the first sight only by seeing brand logo. Only a logo will describe about your company, products or the services you provide to the people. So now you can realize the significance of brand logo for business success. Again for any product business it is mandatory to advertise about your products like on billboard. For billboard advertising product pictures should be elegant enough to attract the consumers. Huge graphics work needs to do for the background of these images to be perfect for advertising. Massive product sell depends on product advertisement. By removing background, unwanted objects or by inserting objects in background clipping path service makes them usable for any business purpose.


Background Removal service insertion All the pictures will not perfect while they were captured. Lighting, focus angle, perspective, lens distance, flashing may go wrong at the time they were shot. Sometimes the background of an image seems to be imperfect and you desire it to be more beautiful for your working purpose. We make the backgrounds perfect by inserting matched and gorgeous backgrounds so that you can use your images with no hesitation wherever you want to use them.

Background Removing Undesirable Things

Sometimes we just need specific region of the pictures to use them perfectly. Unwanted objects may come to camera frame and they may unavoidable while pictures are being shot. Camera can’t avoid unexpected objects but we can. It is necessary to remove some unwanted objects from images to enhance its beauty and to prepare it for working purpose. We do it for you.

Adding Objects With Background

For the enhancement of picture beauty it may mandatory to insert image related objects with the background. Objects must be matched with the pictures and main theme of the pictures must be conserved. Clipping path finds out absolute objects that can be attached with the background of the pictures.

Why Choose Clipping Path

There are a lot of graphic design company from where you can make your job done. Even you can use free online based image background removal service but if you are clever enough you will be able to find their lacking, quality defects. But clipping source can assure you that it will fulfill all your needs in time as more than 150 skilled graphic designer are ready to make you satisfy with their work excellency. Moreover, the most advantage here is that we work at a very cheap rate and we ensure perfect work. So let us take care of your images and be tension free.


Our basic price starts at 0.30 $ per image. Service charge may vary depending on the complexity, quantity of images and the time required to complete. We do offer exclusive discount for bulk images. We recommend that if you are confused while choosing us please try free service section to judge our quality of work and hope you can’t but like it. We are used to work on few images for free and it helps you to take right decision quickly whether to choose us or not. Contact with us and inform all your requirements. Then our experts will reply you the price rate and we wish that it will be comfortable for you. Because clipping path source provides the best work at a cheaper rate.


What are you thinking about? Isn’t it time to grow a successful business? To take your business ahead in the business competition? To make a permanent leading position in the business condition? And definitely it’s the time to bring enormous success and here we are waiting to help you for the achievement of your success! Ability to take right decision at the right time is too much important for the development of your business in any purpose. Yet if you do have any confusion about pricing, quality, dependency, service availability including any information you need, please feel free to contact with us in any time. Our hundreds of graphics designer are waiting to help you, what you need to do is just try to contact not wasting your valuable time.

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