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Retouching Service

Headshots & Face Retouching

When the natural look is not enough, we use Glamour Retouching to provide a more stunning look with a complete digital makeover. Services include Celebrity and Model Retouching, Pageant Retouching, Glitz Photo Retouching, Weight Reduction, Body Slimming, and more.

Beauty & Glamor Retouching

Beauty & Glamor Retouching

Searching for high end beauty retouching services to increase the glamour of model photos? Color Experts International gives the best quality services for model photographers, advertising firms & agencies, and marketing companies by industry professionals for a long time.

Headshots & Face Retouching

High End Retouching

High-end photos are widely used in magazines, the fashion industry, and weddings. To create an extra appeal to the audience, they require high-quality images. Clipping Path De brings varieties of high-end retouching services for customers by professionals at affordable prices.

Jewelry Retouching

Jewelry Retouching

Jewelry retouching service applies specifically to the implementation of the delicate process of improving the appearance of jewelry products. Jewelry products like rings, bracelets, and necklaces are very shiny and hard to avoid reflections. To professionally remove reflections, jewelry retouch is the best way.

Ecommerce Product Retouching

Without any doubt, product images are important for businesses as they generate more sales. When selling products online, there is no denying the fact that eCommerce product photo editing. Without losing a single pixel, the quality of the images is tried to retain.

Portrait Cleaning & Enhancement

Cleaning & Enhancement

There are acne, blemishes, spots, hairs, etc. on human skin and face. In Portrait Retouching or Face Retouching, we try to achieve the best natural and flawless look for the best output. Our services include Skin Retouching, Beauty Retouching, Teeth Retouching, Hair Retouching, etc.

Our Photoshop Retouching service provider

Photoshop retouching, our company has a glorious history since it appeared outdoor in the market. Our company is mostly dominating and ranked company throughout the globe in color correction and photo retouching services. But down the ages when a snap shot gets itself damage and you are in the last stage to survive its youthfulness. How will you feel when old memories get older then before? I am sure you will feel its recovery first as soon as possible. Our company offers you to cherish these images as long as u wish. We work for its recovery to give a new life to it. There is no problem and feel free to send your task. Our color expert’s team respect your valuable task and I am sure will be happy to get it with a charming and natural look.

We give effort in different types of photo retouching services for all subjects including product, fashion and jewelry and many more clipping editing services our team of color experts optimizes your images. And they analyze these images first before its commencement of corrections. If our team fined some problem to solve, we frankly ask for several instructions to solve out the problem. Moreover our sincere team lies in wait in order to provide 24 hours online support to our desired clients.

Here is some sample provided below, just look at a glance to judge our quality

We serve different types of retouching actions successfully. Here some items where we are drastically dominating in this field.

Verities of Photoshop Retouching

Product Retouching

Product retouching services is a process that gives a compliment to highlight its outer look simply drawing attention of consumers. Before buying product consumers will go through your sites to check the product how it looks like. So it’s simply important to make your advertised products will look as consumers anticipate. Our skilled technical team is super experienced to deal with your image editing project.


Changes are often seen in product retouching, given below:

  1. Removing blinks
  2. Highlighting essence
  3. Erasing flaw and fault substance
  4. Maintaining shape


Jewelry Retouching

Jewelry is a decorative object worn on body or cloths which are made from some specific metals including gold, silver and valuable stones. As it is a precious metal made, its jewelry images should be gorgeous in look. For its enhancement of beauty and keeping its effulgent, Photoshop illustrator is required.

Photoshop retouching

We have a good number of buddies whom are several years experienced will introduce you personally that how professionally we deal with images to be edited. Since the eCommerce company is increasing in the marketplace, the demand of Photoshop services has given a new dimension to the new world. Here we have our company offers you jewelry retouching services as our honorable clients wished to have. Please do not feel hesitation to quote a free trial to judge our quality what we serve actually. After that you can provide us your valuable job.


In jewelery retouching,we paid attention to some subjects which is noted below

  1. Color correction
  2. Harmonizing colors
  3. Removal of defects
  4. Providing natural shadow
  5. Maintaining metal color

Here some sample of jewelry work we serve.

Dust Retouching

When you will get your beloved pictures have gone to the last stage to survive, your mind will be regretted. We express condolence for this loss. But we will not come to a term to compromise ourselves but I will suggest you that your image will be survived. Our expert team of long time experienced can understand your feelings that how important your pictures are which you are going to lose. To recover images, our team mates worked restlessly where feeling of affection live together.

Here ours sample of DUST RETOUCHING SERVICE, just look at a glance

Please submit your task without being hesitated; just feel free and our team will welcome you cordially.

Beauty/ Glamour Retouching

In order to make images flawless, lively, good looking, immortal and memorable GLAMOUR RETOUCHING is the way to ensure your ultimate expectations. Our graphics designers are capable of all-rounding performance. In glamour world it’s a multi billion dollar business where Photoshop software is vastly used.

Beauty retouching is usually focused on some basic fundamentals that is shown below :

  1. Make up the flaw and defects.
  2. Coloring lip
  3. Adding lance
  4. Providing eye shadow

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